reasons to upgrade to trivex

Clear vision, lightweight comfort, strength and protection. Can your patients really get all of that out of their pair of lenses? With Trivex® lenses, now they can.

Our thin, stylish lenses are versatile and fit the majority of glasses prescriptions. Every one of your patients can benefit from Trivex lenses, from kids and active adults to fashion-conscious wearers. There’s no reason to choose between seeing well and looking good.

Upgrade your patients to Trivex lenses.

An upgrade provides these Trivex® Lens Benefits

Additional Options
  • green_checkmark.pngPhotochromic Lenses
  • green_checkmark.pngPolarized Lenses
  • green_checkmark.pngGlare-Free Coating
  • green_checkmark.pngFully compatible with the newest digital HD lens technology for enhanced vision
  • green_checkmark.pngCan be used in any frame design
  • green_checkmark.pngIdeal for rimless and semi-rimless styles