Geraint-300x225Director SVUK Ltd., Chair The Association of Sport and Schoolvision Practitioners, Sportvision Expert to BSI. College of Optometrists examiner and Councillor for the East Midlands Region, 35 years in practice as an Optometrist with experience in most sectors of the profession. Currently proprietor of Optical3 in Leicester.

Hi Trivex Lens Specialists, here is my short story – My name is Geraint and I am from Leicester, UK.

Sportvision as a discipline and a separate area of professional expertise has been 20 years in development. It is now contributing to a better understanding of vision in school and dyslexia as well as providing a model for the future of high street practice in all areas of Ophthalmic Optics; Clinical commercial and industrial. I welcome this PPG initiative to create a forum to share news and opinion and give us all a new sense of direction.

When I am not preoccupied with Conferences and diploma courses I play the violin quietly to myself. When it all gets too much I go for a swim or act it all out on the stage. At Christmas I treat myself to a thimble full of red wine just to be sociable. I love eating out with friends.

I am looking forward talking to you on the site.

Friendly regards,