When Patients Do Their Homework


When Patients Do Their Homework

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April 14, 2015Dora Plisic

Continuing from our last week blog, see here to read the full blog Patient Case Study, Lindsey.

Halfway through the appointment, Lindsey reveals that she’s been doing her own research online. She finds more information about the spectacles you gave her last time and what some alternatives might be. Perhaps she even has arrived at your practice with a “recommendation” already in mind, as suggested to her in an online forum. “I’m only here to get a second opinion,” she tells you.

But of course, you’re the professional in the room, not her or her online friends. Although Lindsey has arrived informed and prepared, it’s your responsibility to offer your advice as an experienced eye care professional. But you also need to be mindful of how you communicate, as she may react negatively to a sales pitch. Here, it’s your job to educate and raise awareness about the solution: Progressive Trivex photochromic lenses.

But of course, you must be careful in how you describe the problem, the solution, and its benefits. Explain to Lindsey that:

  • These are the best available lenses that fit her needs;
  • They represent the latest lens technology;
  • They feature free form progressive design — meaning it will be customized for her needs, and she will adapt to them quickly;
  • Trivex lens material is lightweight, durable, UV protected and offer superior optical clarity;
  • They’re photochromic, offering comfort indoors and outdoors superior protection from harmful rays; and she’ll also get a clear and tinted lens all-in-one, for ultimate versatility.

Remember, one of her initial concerns was cost — and since Trivex lenses are the premium product produced with the latest technology, it’s important to outline the benefits first. Discuss price at the end of the conversation. After all, if she chooses Trivex lenses, the cost of her new spectacles will be a bargain compared to the value she’ll be getting in return. Vision is priceless, after all.

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