What is Schoolvision?


What is Schoolvision?

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December 9, 2014Damaris Anderson

As I speak to Optics colleagues and patients they are all curious about the name Schoolvision. What is it and why is it called that?

Well, if you say Sportsvision most people have an idea what you mean and Schoolvision is a development of Sportsvision techniques. When you read, aiming and tracking and accurate binocular vision are vital skills, just as when you are playing a sport.

Schoolvision is mainly aimed at children but the techniques are also applicable to adults. The investigative methods we use are all concerned with accurate, clear, binocular vision at the normal reading distance. The rate of reading is measured at both high and low contrast sensitivity and can be improved tremendously with the application of Schoolvision methodology. It usually requires a pair of spectacles which may only be required for close work. The difference made to the child is repeatedly recognised by the parents and teachers who comment on tremendous progress made in schoolwork.

The child may stop suffering from headaches, and some astonished parents also comment that their child has started reading for pleasure.

As an Optometrist, it reminds me of how surprised a myopic person is to see leaves on trees for the first time with their new spectacles! To give the child super clear reading vision is even more satisfying!

Please see our web site www.schoolvision.org.uk

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