Trivex Lens Specialist Community

Trivex Lens Specialist Community

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September 1, 2014Dora Plisic

Our mission

Our mission is to create open and candid conversation with and among Eye Care Professionals in an informal setting where Eye Care Professionals meet with each other, talk among each other and learn from each other.

We want to bring our passion to you and we want to hear your passion. People that are waiting for you on the site are passionate about what they do and they will share their passion with you. Will you share yours?

We want to be educational and we want to learn from you. We all have very different expertise and we want to share our knowledge with you. Will you share yours?

We want to be informative and we want you to inform us. We are all travelling and living in different part of the globe, on different continents and we wanted to bring a piece of that land to you. Will you share yours?

We want to be informal and we want to know your personality. We all are very different individuals and we want you to meet our personality. Can we meet yours?


About the Trivex Lens Specialist Program

The Trivex Lens Specialist Program, a joint collaboration between PPG and its partners, is focused on education, training and marketing support tools that have been designed to highlight the benefits of Trivex lenses. It brings together opticians who wish to communicate the benefits of Trivex lenses to their patients.

The Trivex Specialist Practice program is open to all eye care professionals interested to learn about and promote Trivex lenses. Eye care professionals who wish to participate in the program can sign up to receive more information. More information on Trivex lenses is available at





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