Talking to Patients About Upgrading Their Lenses


Talking to Patients About Upgrading Their Lenses

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August 3, 2016Nathan Troxell

Eyecare professionals play a special role in their patients’ health. Your work helps them see the beauty around them. Your recommendations help them pursue their interests and passions with clarity and safety. If you are doing your job well, your patients will trust you and be more likely to follow your advice.

But the importance of your work is not enough to gain than trust. Some patients may see their visits to your practice as an obligation, an annual nuisance that they have to do to simply get a new prescription. These patients are missing an opportunity to truly enhance their vision and learn about all the options you can offer. You should strive to change these patients’ experience by helping them understand that their visit to your practice is more than simply getting a new prescription; it is a critical opportunity to ensure the health of their eyes and the clarity of their daily vision. By working to earn your patients’ trust, you enhance your patients’ overall experience and improve the chances of successfully upgrading them to a product that will exceed their expectations and provide the ultimate in visual quality, comfort and protection.

These tips can help you earn trust to improve the chances of patients choosing to upgrade their lenses.

Up-Serve Before You Up-Sell

Your patients are likely used to the idea of up-selling, the practice of trying to add a related or improved product or service to an existing transaction. Restaurants, appliance and retail outlets practice this regularly, and your patients may find it distasteful in relation to their health care. Instead of simply presenting them with more advanced lens materials, try to give them a better service experience.

By “up-serving” your patients, you offer more personalized care from the very moment they enter your practice. This establishes a deeper investment in getting patients the best possible care and glasses for them. This will make them more likely to consider your recommendation of advanced lens materials like Trivex material.


Get Your Staff Involved

This may be a no-brainer, but up-serving is most effective when it is adopted as a whole-practice strategy. It is essential that your staff is trained to offer service that compliments patient needs. This reinforces the fact that their specific care is your practice’s priority before they make it to the examination chair or the dispensing table.

Keep the Focus on the Patient

We have discussed ways to improve your services to instill trust in your patients, but the most important approach only requires you to do one thing: LISTEN. The best way to shape your services to meet your patients’ exact needs is to listen to their questions and answer them honestly. Actively listen to your patients to gauge their needs and base your recommendations on what you learn. You cannot hope to offer upgraded, personalized lens options without getting the patients’ personal perspective.

What strategies do you use to build patient trust? Check out our Upgrade to Trivex material resource page. How do you go about recommending upgrades? Let us know in the comments below!

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