Sunglasses for Children


Sunglasses for Children

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June 9, 2015Damaris Anderson

Summer is coming and sales of sunglasses are increasing. How many of these are for adults and how many for children?

Parents need to be reminded that young eyes need protecting from UV exposure. Children can also can find the brightness of the sun uncomfortable if they are light sensitive. Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians are in an ideal position to advise on suitable products, both non-prescription and prescription lenses.

Photochromic lenses are useful for children as it means they do not have to carry a second pair of spectacles around. Follow this link for the latest lenses

Tinted lenses need to have added UV protection or the enlarged pupil size actually lets in more damaging UV light. Trivex® lenses have 100% UV protection built in the material and are available with tints and can also be polarised.

Frame choice is also important to ensure that the light is blocked by the lens especially at the top of the frame. A poorly fitting children`s frame is sadly a common sight with the frame sliding down the child`s nose and the child looking over the top of the frame!

Try and make it your mission this summer to encourage as many children as possible to wear UV blocking sunglasses!

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