Staff Training Tips for Your Optical Practice


Staff Training Tips for Your Optical Practice

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March 9, 2016Dora Plisic

What if there was a simple step you could take to boost sales, improve employee satisfaction, and get ahead of your competition? You’d do it, right?

Staff training may not sound like the most exciting thing you can do, but it’s actually a critical component of many different pieces of your business - and can lead to increased sales, happier employees, and even a competitive advantage. So what are you waiting for?

Developing a robust staff training program from the ground up may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can start quite simply - or become more complex as you continue to grow. No matter what your investment in staff training, you’ll want to make sure you follow these tips to get the most from your training program.

Sell Your Training Program

Yes, sell it! To your employees, of course! The best training programs for your optical practice have employee buy-in, where your staff are just as engaged and interested in receiving training as you are in providing it. As ever, the best way to sell something is to find out what somebody needs and provide it. Finding out your staff’s interests and professional development needs can help you create a training program that suits your business but also helps them grow - and in turn, they’ll be much more interested in participating. You can do this through a survey, by considering your staff’s existing skills, or by simply conducting casual conversations about what your employees would like to learn. 


Identify Resources

You should never feel like you must conduct the entire employee training program on your own. If you think about it, you likely have a wide variety of resources at your disposal, from current staff members who may be interested in sharing skills to eye conferences that could help attendees learn new skills. This article offers an extensive list of training options to help spark your thinking about how to provide training to your employees.

Ongoing Optical Training

It can be easy to perform one or two training courses and then drop the matter entirely. However, it’s smarter to build a culture of learning, where staff are consistently engaged in gaining new skills. The more skilled and knowledgeable your staff is, the more value they bring to your practice. One fairly simple way to ensure ongoing learning is to measure employees’ skills regularly through regular evaluations or even tests, if applicable to the skill.

Crafting a training program for your staff may be a challenge, but it’s well worth it. If you consider all training to be an investment in your business, it’s easy to justify creating a program.

Do you offer a training program for your staff? What are your best tips for training employees? Offer your thoughts in the comments!

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