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Schoolvision Assessment

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February 10, 2015Damaris Anderson

Which children would I like to see in my Schoolvision clinic? My short answer is all children! The parent with a child who is obviously struggling academically will usually do all they can to try to help their child progress. However, what about all the bright children who achieve good results in spite of visual difficulties? Put them through a standard NHS eye examination and they pass as being able to see well in the distance, perhaps being given some near point of convergence exercises (are they ever performed by the child once at home?), and the parent is reassured that their eyes are fine.

It comes back to asking the child the right questions to get a better idea of how the child is actually seeing the words in a book. There are many things you can ask about the quality of reading words, for example do words in a book ever go blurry, do they jump around, do they go larger or smaller, do you skip words on a line, are there colours around the words?

The Schoolvision methodology will investigate exactly how the child is performing visually at their reading distance and will provide a solution to improve that performance if necessary.

Some children will pass all the tests with flying colours and require no further optical help. As for the remainder, shouldn`t all children be offered help to see clearly and comfortably when reading in spite of their academic performance?

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