Reduce your “no dispense” and “low dispense” numbers


Reduce your “no dispense” and “low dispense” numbers

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May 21, 2015Guest Blogger

Real life story from our friends in Jai Kudo …..

Some Patients are determined to walk away from your practice with their RX alone, bound for an online search to purchase their frames and lenses at a reduced price.

By doing so, they may be missing your expert guidance in prescribing the right lens choice for that patient’s own specific needs, and this is something we should endeavour to change…for the benefit of your patients.

Take, for example, a patient who has contacted you for an eye test appointment, but once tested there is little or no RX change; “see you on your next test”?

Real Life Case Study:

Hayley Harnett books her eye test and, upon completion, is diagnosed with:

R: -0.25 -0.50 (175)
L: -0.25 -0.25 (65)

…and our, super friendly, local Independent Optician waved Mrs H on her way.

I, as her husband, made up some CR39’s, with a wonderful Superhydrophobic coating for as and when she wanted to wear them.

Now, what happened next?

Mrs Harnett wore the spectacles on occasion, for a short period, before banishing them to a drawer for the rest of eternity.

What our family optician did not know, and my wife and I did, is the reason that she went for an eye test on this specific occasion. It was not because of the development of a small prescription, it was because her eyes had started to stream at the end of the day and, after experimenting with various alternative mascaras and eye make-up removers, finally conceded to seeing an Eye Care Professional.

Result: A “No Dispense” scenario (or a low dispense, with my CR39 provision), and a patient without a solution to their problem.

A short while after this experience, I was in the position to provide Mrs H with 2 new pairs of spectacles; one with the unique Honeycomb coating and one with Blue Shield, both designed to reduce eye fatigue via different methods, which have since resolved her issues.

The moral of the story; by simply checking with a patient the reason why they have come in for their eye test, may help in prescribing the correct lens solution for your patient, leaving you with a happy patient AND a valued dispense.

Rob Harnett.

For more information on Honeycomb and Blue Shield, please contact Jai Kudo Lenses on 0208 732 9600 or

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