Optimize your lens building blocks


Optimize your lens building blocks

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January 22, 2015Nathan Troxell

To many spectacle wearers, lenses are simply two pieces of glass (ok, perhaps some patients have learned that most lenses today are in fact made from plastic materials) suspended in front of their eyes by some type of metal or plastic “holder”.

But we know there is much more to it. Spectacle lenses are a complex visual system bringing together a combination of material, surface design, coating and other physical element (dyes, film, etc.) technologies.

To say that you prescribed a “progressive lens” is only a fraction of the story. The interplay between the different lens “building blocks” – materials, designs, and coatings – tells the full story of the visual quality, comfort and protection that the wearer will experience.

As such, considering the affects that each of the building blocks have on the end product is critical. Prescribing a highly personalized digital progressive lens design is a step in the right direction. However, prescribing that design on a heavy and brittle lens material is taking a half-step back.

Think about the lens material as the foundation of your lens recommendation. The more robust, feature-rich that foundation is, the better their overall visual experience will be. Trivex material delivers a unique combination of benefits – sharp vision, lightweight comfort, safe and strong protection – that patients need from their lenses. It is the ideal foundation on which to build spectacle lenses that will help your patients get the most out of life.

But don’t stop there – Optimize all of your “lens building blocks” to create the best experience for the patient!


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