How opticians can be more effective


How opticians can be more effective

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September 17, 2014Garry Kousoulou

If you're reading this, you might be an optician wondering how Loving Social Media can help your business. Loving Social Media is the only digital marketing company that specializes in social media for opticians. Here, we give away a few of our top tips for using social media and the internet to increase business. For a shining example of our work, check out Good Looking Optics. It comes up first, second and third when you search 'opticians in Enfield' into Google, so you can hardly miss it!

Introduction: Meet Garry and Thegz!

Tip 1: Google it!

Google is the first port of call for a lot of people, and you need to get your business at the top of their searches.

Sign your business up to Google Local, and this will help you (literally) put your practice on the map. Registering will confirm that your practice is genuine.

Once you are signed up to Google Local, your business will appear as a pin on Google Maps. This makes it much easier for potential customers to find out where you exactly are. Not to mention that seeing your business located on a map, means they are more likely to visit than if they have simply heard of you.

Once patients know of your business, they can find your website, your social media channels etc. Most importantly, people will be able to see positive reviews that your customers have written attached to their search.

Not sure how? Follow this's that easy!

Tip 2: Use Directories

You can use directories to make sure your practice stands out from all the others!

Find directories specifically for businesses in your area, so that customers choose you over your competitors. If someone from the other side of the country sees your business being advertised, that is nowhere near as useful as someone nearby seeing it. So make sure you are in the right place, (as well as at the right time).

Reviews: Customers are far more likely to trust a positive review if it is being advertised on an external website. It is all well and good to put positive reviews on the website for your practice, but make sure they appear in other places, such as:

and even Google!

Tip 3: Social Media

Twitter is a micro-blogging website, and is probably the easiest social media website to use. You essentially blog up to 140 characters at a time, and people, companies, and communities with Twitter accounts can ‘follow’ you, to get your updates, and you can ‘follow’ them back!

Our best advice is to follow people you want to get in touch with, and who can use your services. This means finding local people. Also, follow the kinds of things your patients will follow, and tweet at appropriate times, I.e. if you want to get parents, do not tweet during the school rush, because parents will probably be too busy to see it! If you want to gain affluent patients for instance, follow your local golf club, and follow the people that follow them.

If you use Facebook to promote your business, make sure you keep the personal away from the professional. Make a separate fan page for your practice, and do not advertise from your personal Facebook page, or it will get taken down.

Remember, the social media sites you use do not restrict the kind of message you can get across, but simply make it available to more people. Instagram is mainly a visual site, and as well as showing potential customers how great your frames look, you can still send out deals and offers by taking photographs of posters, leaflets etc.

Twitter allows you to communicate through text and pictures, and you can link all your social media accounts together. You can post your pictures from Instagram onto Twitter or your fan page on Facebook, to make sure your followers hear everything (and see everything) you have to put out there.

The most important thing when you use social media for your business:


You can use social media to reach people who you otherwise could not reach, and you can contact them easily, and instantly!

The next most important is:


Show people what kind of business you run, and amplify your best features. Hired a great member of staff recently? Put up a profile or interview on social media! You can also advertise special deals and services, unique to your practice.



This will be an inevitable consequence of you getting your business better known.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and good luck making your business bigger, better, and more visible!

Don’t forget to check out the following websites:

One of my favourite business saying is “ is the squeeze worth the juice”

This juice we have given you is definitely worth the Squeeze

Enjoy all the new patients you are about to get with the smallest amount of work

Loving the social media ☺


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