Consumers’ behaviors – helping your customer decide?


Consumers’ behaviors – helping your customer decide?

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November 20, 2014Dora Plisic

Writing my blog about Joanne’s and Sarah’s behavior made me think about how I behave when want to buy something. So here is a personal story about a recent purchase that I made…

The other day I went to buy an iPad. I was hoping for couple of years that we will get one from work, but that never happened J so I decided to go and buy one. As with my example of Joanne and Sarah, first I googled it, I found some information that I was looking for and I decided to buy the iPad 2. I thought, “I don’t need the latest version…iPad 2 is good enough for me….anyhow, I will probably never use all the options I can even with the iPad 2, not to mention the features with the with the latest version.” It seemed to me that there is not even a big difference between the iPad 2 or the latest version – the iPad Air. I thought this was just marketing and that it is totally the same product.

So having that in mind, I entered the shop determined to buy the iPad 2, and 30 minutes later, I left the shop with the latest version – the iPad Air – and a couple of other gadgets and applications I needed to buy for that iPad, of course….

So, how did the salesperson convince me that I should get the latest version? It was actually very simple. Here is how our conversation went approximately….

Me – “Hi, I would like to buy the iPad 2.”

Apple Salesperson – “Why would you want to buy the old model when we have the latest model?”

Me – “But for how I will use it, the iPad 2 is enough for me.”

Apple Salesperson – “For what will you use it? Will you read from it? Will you carry it around? Will you surf the internet?”

Me – “Yes, yes and yes.”

Apple Salesperson – “Then don’t you then need screen protection for easy reading? (He was referring to the Retina display…) Don’t you need it to be light for carrying around? In addition to being lighter, the iPad Air is also thinner and more aesthetically pleasing. In the end, why would you want to buy an older model when there is a newer model available with a price difference of only 50£?”

And with that said, I purchased the newer version…and I am the happiest person ever that I made that decision! I would be so said if I had the older version.

I left the store wondering, how did he do it? I went in determined to buy the older model and he converted me to the new one – can we benchmark that to our industry?

It made me think of consumer behavior and all of the articles and books saying that consumers don’t really know what they want. You know, like Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”…but he gave us the car instead :-)

Actually, it makes me wonder, do we/consumers know what we want?

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