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Clear business strategy

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April 1, 2015Dora Plisic

In relation to our last blog, see here to read the full blog diversifying your lens portfolio.

Just a reminder on what diversification is…diversification refers to a business’s ability to cater to differing customer needs by adding new products to their selection. This can help a business grow by increasing sales to existing customers and attracting new ones by breaking into new markets. And for opticians in particular, offering a diverse range of lens options can be an extremely impactful marketing and sales strategy.

In the last blog, we explained a three tier approach in the everyday operation of a car dealership. The car dealership sees different types of customers every day and he recommends a good, better and best offering according to the type of customer. We asked you whether you think opticians encounter a similarly diverse range of customers in their day-to-day operations. Please share your opinion in the comments below. Here is our opinion:

Opticians may encounter a diverse range of customers in their day-to-day operations. They also might encounter a single patient that has a diverse range of needs. Consider a middle-aged mother with a moderate correction who suffers from Presbyopia, who needs glasses both for reading and for distance. As the optician in this scenario, you have several options.

shutterstock_106741013The “good” option: Two pairs of glasses – one for reading and one for distance – with standard 1.5 index plastic lenses

The “better” option? One pair of Bifocal Trivex lenses, which offer better impact resistance and great visual quality, near or far.

shutterstock_104366822The “best” option? Progressive Free Form Trivex lenses, which feature the ideal combination of visual clarity, comfort, and durability – for maximum versatility with near, intermediate and distance vision zones.

Having a greater variety of options allows you not only to give your patients more choice, but also to upgrade existing customers to your new, higher end offerings. It can be instrumental in catering to a wider range of customers, engender brand loyalty, and most importantly, treat people like people — unique individuals with specific desires and needs, not simply “customers”.

When it comes to eyesight, vision is priceless. And when an optician can recommend a variety of lens options, from value-priced to premium high-end, your patients will clearly see your value as a professional.

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