Be seen online – capitalize on content marketing


Be seen online – capitalize on content marketing

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May 19, 2015Dora Plisic

Capitalize on Content Marketing

As we’ve mentioned, the core of your online marketing strategy should be to educate your audience about their eyewear options. By utilizing a content marketing strategy, you can make sure your patients stay up-to-date about new, premium offerings, increase search rankings for your businesses, and become a thought leader on eyewear within your local community.

Content marketing is a marketing approach based on creating and sharing articles, photos, and videos that your core audience can actually use to make more informed decisions. Content marketing can take many forms, including original blogs about the benefits of your premium offerings (be sure to include keywords that potential patients might use to find you!); videos that illustrate the difference between your low-end and high-end offerings; and photos and infographics that describe new eyewear options.

Your content marketing strategy can also benefit from a more personal approach as well — take a step back, analyze your audience, and ask yourself, “Besides eyewear, what are my patients interested in?” Whether there are a lot of home gardeners, exercise enthusiasts, or entrepreneurs among your patient base, occasionally share non-optical content that they might appreciate. Connect with people — not patients.

And of course, all of these efforts should work toward helping you reach — or exceed — your revenue goals for the year. With progressive, high-end options still capturing more market share, use the opportunity to talk about them and their advantages: They’re a long-term, quality-based investment; they feature advanced designs and treatments to fit the patient’s specific needs; they’re lightweight and durable; and offer superior optical clarity compared to other options.

The Internet has a tendency to de-personalize and obscure reality. Overcome these challenges by starting a comprehensive online marketing strategy to show your audience that you’re an expert — and that you’re a person, just like them.

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