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Be Seen Online

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April 30, 2015Dora Plisic

In 2015, we all spend a significant portion of our lives online. From making purchases to interacting with friends to conducting business, we all “live” on the Internet, in one way or another.

As an optician, this trend represents an opportunity for your practice: As your patients inevitably research their eyewear options online, you can use the power of online marketing to influence their decision — and of course, pair them with an eyewear solution that offers them long-term value for money.

I came across excellent article that I highly recommend to you. The article was published by Eyecare Business in January 2015. According to Eyecare Business 2014 Annual Market Trends study, there is growth in every area of our industry. The article further lists the biggest challenges facing our industry and the fastest growing product categories.

Opticians should take these trends into account when developing their marketing strategies for 2015 and beyond. As consumers increasingly turn to the Internet for practical information about eyewear and premium lenses become increasingly attractive to patients, opticians can use a variety of online marketing tactics to increase exposure for their practice and educate their patients about the benefits of their high-quality offerings. Here are some strategies you might consider implementing:

  • Start a Monthly Newsletter
  • Update Your Website
  • Gather Online Reviews
  • Have a Personality
  • Capitalize on Content Marketing

We will explain each of these strategies in details in our next five blogs.. stay tuned!

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