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World Sight Day

Strength Equals Protection

Vision Expo West: Bright Lights and Even Brighter Eyewear

Lighter Than Air Comfort For Your Patients

Take a Break from Contacts during Allergy Season

Talking to Patients About Upgrading Their Lenses

Do Your Patients Know the Importance of Their Eyewear?

Strategies for Recommending Different Styles of Lenses

3 Dangers of UV Light Your Patients Might Not Know

More Than Meets The Eye: Part 2: The Company

Are Online Eyewear Sales Really A Threat?

Preventing Retail Theft in Your Optical Shop

Staff Training Tips for Your Optical Practice

3 Winter Eye Care Tips

4 Ways You Can Provide a Better Patient Experience

More Than Meets the Eye: Part 1: The Lens

3 Simple Ways to Combat the Surge in Online Eyewear Sales

Follow the Signs: Engage Your Patients with a Practice Signage Facelift

Are Patients Not Asking Enough Questions?

A little about Shamir

Slimming Down: Are High-Index Lenses Always the Answer?

Sports and School Vision conference in pictures

Child’s life transformed

Patient Handover

A Manager’s Guide to Appraisal Interviews

Dyslexia and vision

Finding the Perfect Lenses for Kids

Take the Time to Know Your People

Improving Vision While Driving

The Move to “Omnichannel”

Strategy – Is it important to have one?

Finding the Perfect Lens for Kids

Create an environment where people want to buy

How to Protect Your Patients’ Eyes Against Blue Light Damage

See the Summer Sights with Trivex Lenses

Trivex lenses, guaranteed not to break and Bonded Rimless – bonded to stay secure

Qualified Dispensing Opticians at the heart of a successful independent

Sunglasses for Children

Making Everything You Can Out Of Everything You’ve Got, part 2

Making Everything You Can Out of Everything You’ve Got

Reduce your “no dispense” and “low dispense” numbers

Be seen online – capitalize on content marketing

Be seen online – have a personality

Be seen online – gather reviews

Be seen online – update your web site

Be seen online – newsletters

Be Seen Online

Trivex Lens Availability

Something about Hoya

Meet Tanya

Online Customers’ Experience

When Patients Do Their Homework

Patient Case Study: Lindsey

Clear business strategy

Diversifying your lens portfolio

Value for Money

Vision is priceless

Trivex lenses from Excellens

Schoolvision tests – Follow – up

Schoolvision tests – Retinoscopy

Schoolvision tests – Trial Frame Challenges

Schoolvision tests – CREST

About Caledonian Optical

Schoolvision tests – Measuring muscle balance

Schoolvision tests – Accommodation facility

Schoolvision tests – Dynamic fixation

Schoolvision tests – Brock String

Schoolvision Assessment

TRIVEX Material, Still a New and Growing Lens Category

CET approved article coming soon!

Shared YouTube: How the sun sees you

Optimize your lens building blocks

Times are changing in Optometry

A brief history of Trivex material

Reblog: A patient’s perspective on Trivex lenses

How a lens is made

Who is PPG?

Are 1.6 lenses thinner than Trivex lenses?

Your opinion matters

Eye check in sports

What Are Patients Looking For In Their Eyewear?

Trivex® lenses - watch the videos!

What is Schoolvision?

Are Trivex® lenses expensive?

Features and Benefits of Trivex® lenses

Eye tests every 2 years

Consumers’ behaviors – helping your customer decide?

Meet Geraint Griffiths part 2

“Building a better patient experience” Conference

Computer Vision Recommendations from an Ophthalmologist

3 simple questions: Why, How and To Whom?

Tricks of the trade

Did you watch our webinar?

History! History! History!

Do we need to make compromises?

Meet Geraint Griffiths

UV protection is a must!

“I am not that rich to buy cheap” – would you agree with that saying?

Children's Eye Care

What Is An Optician?

Reblog: Why these sunglasses cost $150

What defines an older model vs. newer model in lens materials?

The world is changing. Are we keeping up?

Market data UK and France

The demand of vision

SILMO in motion pictures and in pictures

SILMO weekend

The Principles of Visual Psychology

SVUK 14 Busting the Myths

SVUK 14 Busting the Myths, The Oxford Hotel, Oxford Sunday 21 September

How opticians can be more effective

What do you think?....

Eye Examination For Kids

Safety Eyewear for Kids

Eye Examinations For Kids

children and eyecare - Eyecare FAQ shared article

Eye protection for kids

Here we are – what do you think of it?

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