A little about Shamir


A little about Shamir

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November 12, 2015Guest Blogger

Shamir UK is a subsidiary of Shamir Optical Ltd, one of the world’s leading manufacturers for the design, development and production of premium ophthalmic lenses and moulds.

Over the course of four decades Shamir has established itself as a company known for innovation, new technology and stringent quality assurance practices.

Everyone desires lenses to accommodate all of their different activities, hobbies and lifestyle needs, Shamir is here to fulfil those needs.

Shamir DLC™ made with Trivex® lens material.....A winning combination!

Shamir’s optical expertise has now been combined with the scientifically advanced Trivex® lens material from PPG Industries. The result is Shamir DLC, Shamir’s latest line of lenses offering extraordinary performance characteristics.



D for Durability

Shamir DLC lenses offer the best eye protection available. It is ideal for rough and tumble play, engaging in sport, working in a hazardous environment, or for general every day protection against life's surprises, and it offers 100% UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays.



L for Lightweight

Trivex® lens material is among the most lightweight materials available today! Shamir DLC lenses are so lightweight, they offer the ultimate in all-day comfort.



C for Clarity

Based on lens material specially developed for optical precision, Shamir DLC lenses optimize every prescription and maximize the viewing experience with clear sharp vision throughout the lens.

Everyone benefits with lenses that are ready for whatever life brings…

  • Children - Greater protection for them, peace-of-mind for their parents
  • Sports - Where impact resistance and visual clarity are so important
  • Fashion - Attractively thin and well suited to rimless or drill-mount frames
  • Eye care professionals - Enjoy unsurpassed customer satisfaction

Shamir DLC - Available in a range of options

Shamir DLC lenses are available in our advanced Freeform families including Shamir Autograph™, Shamir Attitude™, and in additional premium progressives and single vision Rx designs.

And as blanks

  • Shamir DLC is also available as SFSV blanks, ideal for conventional SV Rx lenses, and as blanks for Freeform production where it offers unique advantages:
  • Specially developed to optimally fit Freeform production
  • Extra attention paid to uniformity of front curve, so important in Freeform production






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